Learn how to reshape your organisation for the age of uncertainty

a recipe for success

The Wise Enterprise brings together a set of capabilities essential for professionals who want to contribute to the wisdom of their
organisations. In this timely book you’ll learn about:

How to become a Systems Thinker

Emotional Intelligence Competencies

The real meaning of leadership

How to define and measure success

How to facilitate business transformation

How to build a wise enterprise

What really matters to make the right decisions in the age of uncertainty


  • Testimonial

    Arash Arabi


    About Arash Arabi

    Arash Arabi is a globally recognised transformation consultant, international speaker, entrepreneur and Taekwondo World Champion. His mission is to equip professionals with the capabilities essential to becoming star performers in their organisations.

    His company Sprint Agile uses an empirical approach to help businesses move from opinion-based decision making to evidence-based decision making.

Sprint Agile

Sprint Agile was founded by Arash Arabi in 2018 and quickly became one of top Management Consultancies and Training Providers in Australia.

Since inception Sprint Agile has been consistently training around 400 professionals per year from a diverse range of industries and from various levels and roles within organisations.

Please visit Sprint Agile at:

Sprint Agile

Companies that are getting wiser

Arash Arabi has trained professionals from many great companies including the following:

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